Prompt Studio

Your expertise powered by AI

We offer no-code tools allowing domain experts to build and test AI product features, faster.

our mission

Bridge the gap between domain experts and
{software engineers}

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Reducing complexity

With our no-code visual editor, we simplify your AI development and take care of all the integrations for you.

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Save time and money

Developers won't have to deal with the time-consuming infrastructure with LLMs, so that they can focus on your software.

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AI for everyone

We give domain experts the power and the freedom to prototype AI product features without relying on engineers. At the same time, we allow developers to integrate AI workflows with the rest of the software using our SDK.

domain experts

No-code tools for non-technical people

Domain experts know the ins and outs of the specific industry that the LLM is being used for (Legal, marketing, sales, etc) and they understand the language nuances that engineers might not know. That's why we provide easy-to-use tools that require no prior technical knowledge.

Low friction for adoption

Quickly share and prototype your AI features with prebuilt UI

No-code tools for AI applications

use cases

Automatic classification

Streamlines time-and-resource-consuming processes

With our AI tools and with no coding expertise, you can automate repetitive and manual tasks across different operational areas. Some examples are inbound email management, business content classification, insurance claims management, etc.

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Software engineers


As software engineers, we know the demands of integrating LLMs into your projects. Prompt Studio provides a fully-managed backend to handle prompt management, versioning, and AI application deployment. Our SDK simplifies integration, freeing you to focus on core development.

OpenAI, Anthropic, llama, Mistral AI models available out-of-the box

Automated regression tests

Observability & monitoring

All-in-one AI tools for your business

Prompt Studio abstracts away the complexity of building applications using LLMs.

No-code tools

Design reusable Al features and plug them in your app using our visual editor.

Batteries included

We take care of integrations, hosting, deployments and monitoring.

AI development

Align your AI features with what you want to do using prompt chains, automated tests and fine-tuning.

Speed up development

Quickly share and prototype your AI features with prebuilt UI


Collaborate with your teams on the prompt development, prototyping and testing

Developer tools

Integrate the AI behaviour into the rest of the application using our SDK / REST API

Our pricing

Choose a plan that's right for you.



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What's included

1 seat

1 workspace

5 workflows

10 monthly credits

Recipe previews

Starter templates

Basic integrations

Community support


Upon request

For teams that need custom features and support.

What's included

API deployments

Custom triggers

Advanced integrations

Custom AI settings

Unlimited seats

Unlimited teams

Role-based access

Private Slack channel

On-premise hosting

Premium enterprise support