Prompt Studio

What if your documents could write themselves?

Transform your workday with custom AI scripts, build and automate anything from reports and checklists to blog posts.

AI for everyone

Setting up your own AI stack can be time-consuming and expensive. Prompt Studio allows you to focus on building with AI, not maintaining infrastructure.

build it

Write instructions, not content

Writing is fun! Unless it’s that dreaded report again, why not let AI take care of that?

Chain instructions, enforce tone and formats, switch LLMs all within a collaborative text editor.

Combine different AI behaviors to make the most of their abilities.

Receive suggestions for prompt enhancement (soon).

share it

Build once, use again and again...

Customize Gen AI to fit your business processes. Share a custom user interface for your solution with teammates and others.

Get started quickly with one of our prebuilt templates.

Quickly share and prototype your solution with a tailor-made app.

Prompt engineer once, get repeatable and consistent results.

test it

Produce consistently accurate work

Accuracy matters. Assure output quality by testing your AI scripts on different use cases.

Test your instructions on large amounts of data.

Review the history of your generated content.

Iterate over instructions and keep a history (coming soon).

connect it

Usable by people and machines

As software engineers, we know the demands of integrating LLMs into your projects. Prompt Studio is your fully-managed AI backend.

Quickly deploy your instructions via our low-latency API

Integrations with automation frameworks like N8N

Connect with your own custom LLMs (soon)

work with your AI Provider of choice

use cases

Legal AI

Automate legal document conformance checks

Tired of boring contract checks? Speed things up by creating reusable checklists for easy automation. Say goodbye to the snooze-fest!

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Your procedural text editor

Write your instructions once, generate content over and over again.

AI for everyone

Design reusable Al features and plug them in your app using our visual editor.

Batteries included

We take care of integrations, hosting and deployments.

Stay in control

Finetune LLMs with your best examples to get even better results.

Speed up development

No more waiting for developers to bring your automation to life.


Collaborate with your teams on prompt development, prototyping and testing.

Developer tools

Integrate your AI tools into your applications and existing workflows using our SDK / REST API.

Our pricing

Choose a plan that's right for you.



Best if you want to try Prompt Studio. Write custom AI scripts and turn them into shareable tools.

What's included

3 monthly credits included

Write AI scripts

Turn your scripts into shareable AI tools

Deploy your scripts to an API

Get started quickly with templates

Use preset AI behaviors

Community support



Best if you need customization and collaboration features. Get more control over your AI scripts with knowledge bases and custom AI behaviors.

Everything from free, and:

30 monthly credits included

Organize your scripts in workspaces

Collaborate with your team members

Role-based access

Use advanced AI behaviors (Soon)

Build custom behavior presets (Soon)

Run your scripts in batches (Soon)

Build custom templates (Soon)

Setup knowledge bases (Soon)

Community support


Upon request

Best for enterprise. Bring your own AI models, request custom features and dedicated support.

What's included

Bring your own AI models

Customize AI models with your data

Private Slack channel

On-premise hosting

Prioritized feature requests

Premium enterprise support